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Private room 1 people 900JPY / hour 07:30~22:00 A compact private room with soft light, comfortable space with slit glass windows which is able to shield sights.
Private room(Large) 1 people 1,000JPY / hour 07:30~22:00 A compact private room with a desk suitable to sort work and study
Booth seat 1 people 500JPY / hour 07:30~22:00 Relaxing sofa and table with a space for both PC and books. Best choice for little work.
Conference room 1~4 people 2,000JPY / hour 07:30~22:00 Up to 4 people can use the monitor for presentations and online MTG.The bright and simple space is like a small office.
Shower room 1 people 1,000JPY / hour 07:30~22:00 Private shower room with bright and clean layout
*Please bring your own towel and toiletries with you
Private room
Private room(Large)
Booth seat
Conference room
Shower room

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